What do Freshwater Shrimp Eat?

If you have recently bought freshwater shrimp along with all other essentials then you are probably wondering about the type of food you should feed them with. First of all, do not worry if you have not bought specialized shrimp food. Shrimps are type of species that eat any type of food that is small and easy enough for them to eat.

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So if you have some fish flakes at home they can serve as good food too. Shrimps like to eat biofilm, which is found in every aquarium. Biofilm is a set of tiny microorganisms and bacteria that naturally grow in healthy aquariums. However, biofilm is great for feeding baby shrimp, but when they finally grow up then you need to consider feeding your shrimp with other food that is more suitable for them.

No matter what type of food you give your freshwater shrimp, a good idea would be to break the food into very small pieces. That way your shrimp can easily eat it without any problems. Keep in mind that freshwater shrimps are scavengers, meaning that they will eat any food that is not eaten by other species that live in the aquarium.

As mentioned, you should not panic or worry too much if you do not have any specialized shrimp food, because freshwater shrimp love eating biofilm, algae and other nutrients that naturally grow in the aquarium. If you want to add something new in their diet, then you can chop up some collard greens, frozen kale or other vegetables. In any case, the food you gave the shrimps must be broken into very small pieces for them to swallow.

Cycled and healthy aquariums usually have plenty of algae and other good sources of food for your freshwater shrimp. So besides eating the algae your shrimp will also keep your aquarium clean and neat. However, although your shrimp can survive just by eating simple things in your aquarium, you still need to give your freshwater shrimp a specialized food from time to time in order to ensure their longevity and optimal health. This is especially important if your shrimp are very small.

Feeding your shrimp with specialized food means that you have to take into consideration the exact type of your shrimp, because every shrimp species requires specific food in order to survive. Generally, shrimp can eat every type of food, but you can also consider the following types for their optimal health. Chopped cucumbers, small pieces of pears, spinach, and different flake foods are great options for feeding your freshwater shrimps. BorneoWild Shrimp Food, Shirakura Shrimp Food, Mosura Shrimp Food are a few other options for you to feed your freshwater shrimp.  All of these foods are specifically designed for freshwater shrimp and they do not pollute the water.

Another thing about which many people wonder about is how often and how much should they feed their freshwater shrimps. First and most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never overfeed your shrimp. It is better to give them less than more they could eat. When your freshwater shrimp colony is very small, you do not need to give them any food at all. They will do just fine by eating the biofilm and algae present in the aquarium. If you try to add food when they are babies, they will most likely ignore it and just focus on the biofilm.

When shrimp population starts to grow, you can start adding smaller pieces of shrimp food to see whether they will eat it. If your shrimp does not eat the food you put in the aquarium within the first hour, then you should take it out. That way you will keep your aquarium water clean. A good idea is to use a specialized food like the mentioned above, because specialized shrimp food holds its exact shape for several hours after being put in the aquarium. That also makes it easier for you to remove portions that are not eaten by the shrimp.

Another thing to remember is that as soon as your shrimp starts eating the food you put into the aquarium, you can start giving them food three or four times per week. In any case, always feed them with an amount they can eat in the first couple of hours after placing the food into the aquarium. You will need to experiment a bit at first and give them different amounts in order to find the correct feeding amount. It is recommended for you to start with low amounts and then gradually increase the food portions you give to your freshwater shrimp. If you overfeed your shrimps then you are risking polluting the water and damaging your shrimp’s health. Therefore, keep these advices in mind and your shrimp will live long and healthy life.