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What do Freshwater Shrimp Eat?

If you have recently bought freshwater shrimp along with all other essentials then you are probably wondering about the type of food you should feed them with. First of all, do not worry if you have not bought specialized shrimp food. Shrimps are type of species that eat any type of food that is small

Cherry Shrimp Care

Cherry shrimps come in all kinds of colors, but red cherry shrimp is the most popular type of shrimp. Cherry shrimp got its bright red color as a result of their specific breeding. Cherry shrimps are a very nice addition to any aquarium as they stand out really nicely among substrates and plants with darker

How to Care for Freshwater Shrimp

Keeping freshwater shrimps as pets is very popular today and these beautiful small creatures can be great addition to anyone`s home. However, proper managing is essential if you want your shrimps to be healthy and to live long. Selecting the Perfect Aquarium! As we all know, shrimps are tiny creatures, so you can keep them